Aggressive, Proactive, Caring

Welcome to Harper Gaines, PLLC, where our attorneys are committed to Helping Injured People, Every Day. Our strong desire to achieve results for our clients is what drives us. Our aggressive, proactive and fearless approach to litigation—coupled with more than 35 years of combined legal experience and genuine care and concern for those we represent—are the tools we use to fight for our clients when they've been harmed by negligent companies and people.

We urge you not to speak with an insurance company until you've talked to an experienced attorney first. Insurance adjusters exist to protect the interests of their clients. They are not paid to protect the rights of a victim or their loved ones. Just let them know that you're seeking the counsel of an attorney who can advise you of your rights. Once Harper Gaines takes responsibility for your case, we'll take it from there, so you can focus on what's important—trying to heal and move forward.

We are aggressive with insurance companies, but we care for our clients. We understand that everyone responds differently when they fall victim to unfortunate circumstances caused by the negligence of others. Perhaps you're angry and upset—ready to take action right away. We are prepared to fight for you. Or perhaps you're still trying to figure out how to cope, and are overwhlemed by all the doctor visits or arrangements that you have to deal with. You may not even feel well enough to get out of bed. We realize that the last thing you may want to do after tragedy strikes is to drag yourself into an attorney's office to relive the details of an unfortunate incident.

No pressure—we want you to take care of yourself. We're ready to talk when you are. The team here at Harper Gaines is available anytime for a free one-on-one consultation to discuss your potential case. Even after business hours, you will always be able to talk to someone at Harper Gaines. If necessary, one of our attorneys will come to you personally to discuss your issue. We represent individuals throughout Florida and the United States, and we will travel to meet with you to discuss your case. All consultations are free and confidential, and there are no fees or costs unless we recover.

When tragedy strikes, we're ready to help you recover. No settlement or jury award can bring back a loved one or make you whole again. But recovering damages can help make things better, and can force companies and individuals to do the right thing next time. Our goal is to work with you to make sure that people and corporations act more ethically and responsibly, so that others don't have to suffer the way that you and your family have.